The New Normal - Your COVID-19 guide for safe paddling

Hi and welcome to our page dedicated to updating you on how COVID-19 is affecting our course of action to deliver you the best product possible while keeping us all safe and healthy and happy.

This page will updated frequently and will let you know what we are offering from our menu, the measures we are taking to keep you safe, what to expect when you arrive and how to prepare yourselves for your adventure with us!

Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you on our beautiful islands very soon.

As of May 20, 2020, the following is our information to you:

Our closure update:

We remain fully closed for the near future, with intentions on opening by July 1 or earlier, depending on many factors, including ensuring we are taking the appropriate steps to keep you safe. We do however have some of our fleet available for purchase and ask that you use the contact form for any inquiries regarding product sales. We remain optimistic and confident that we will be able to offer you our full menu within a reasonable time frame.

What we are preparing for when we first open our doors to the public:

Our booking system is fully digital and you will be able to prebook your experience with us through our book now button on the respective page to the activity you are looking for. We allow only one booking per activity so please accommodate your whole group via this method. Upon your booking you will receive a confirmation email for your activity as well as an invoice for such. At the bottom of this invoice is a 'view required documents' button. please click on this link to view the waiver associated to your age category. Please note you will be required to legally sign digitally as well as have someone you know (age 19+) sign as a witness to your signature. Please fill out the form thouroughly prior to clicking submit. You will be able to send the link to the waiver to every person in your group as well. Please do this prior to your arrival to ensure you are using your own devices as well as it will allow for us to efficiently set you up for your activity. When you arrive for your activity, you will not be allowed into our office, as it is a small confined space. We will instead be ready for you with the equipment required for your activity.

How we are preparing for your visit to our adventure centre:

Hand sanitizer stations at selected areas of our activity centre. Your vessel/bike and equipment will be fully cleaned by a team member that uses gloves and a disinfectant approved by BC Health Authority. You will have the option to cancel your booking with full refund if you feel as though we have not done enough to make you feel safe and comfortable. Please continue reading for specific information regarding your chosen activity (tours, lessons, rentals)


We will begin by offering our 2 hour and 4 hour daytime kayak tours to groups of up to 6 persons for one guide, and 10 with two guides, and evening stand up paddleboarding tours with a 1:6 ratio. The group size is restricted to those whom you are in your 'social distance circle', and will not be using the same vessel again for any guest until the next day, with a disinfecting clean the day before. Prior to your tour, you will be required to watch a short video prepared by us as to the safety measures we are taking to keep you safe while your are with us. This includes: Proper pfd fitting, basic padding stroke technique, how to adjust your foot pedals in a kayak, how to employ and deploy your sprayskirt, proper entry and exit from your kayak, and lastly what you need to know and what we do should you fall out of your kayak during your chosen tour. After this video and once you understand the procedures, we will guide you down to the kayak launch zone and begin our journey together. For your safety, we will be only guiding you close to the shoreline, incase of any emergency requirements to get to shore easily and quickly.


We run courses sanctioned by Paddle Canada in Sea Kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboarding. At this point, Paddle Canada has suspended all courses until at minimum May 31. Please refer back to this page frequently for further updates. As soon as we are allowed and are confident to teach you all requirements of the Skill Levels we offer, we will have a full update for you in regards to what this looks like. Rentals: Our rental program is very much about safety and always has been. Due to Transport Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard team having limited staff and requiring distance measures of less than 6' for most emergency situations, we will be very strict with our guidelines. You MUST have experience with your chosen activity for the waters you would like to paddle. You will most likely be required to give proof of experience (certification card) so please have that ready for us to see. You may be denied your rental if you cannot prove your experience level. If you have low experience and still would like to get out there, we have options for you. They are limited to rentals within the bay you are paddling (we will designate areas for you prior to your rental via an interactive easy to read map):

Stand Up Paddleboard rentals:

You may rent a SUP for up to 4 hours, with a minimum of 2 persons in your group. We will have a video set up for you in regards to proper use of your SUP as well as what to do if you fall off of your board.

Kayak Rentals:

We have the right to limit and discern what type of kayak you will be able to paddle, and for what length of time. If you have learned rescue techniques but it's been a long time and forget what to do, you may rent a double kayak with a friend for up to 4 hours. If you do know your sea kayak rescues and are confident rescuing others in need and are the only one in your group with this knowledge, you may rent single kayaks for up to 4 hours, with a maximum of 4 persons in your group. If you are proficient in rescues, know how to roll, have a group of competent paddlers, please contact us and we will discuss your paddling needs and set you up with the right program. Normally, we do offer disc golf rentals and retail. At this time we will offer retail to our disc golf products based on your requests of wants. we will personally check our inventory for your requested disc products, and then clean/sanitize the product before handing it over to you. We also offer 'TAP' payments for this service, or e-transfers are accepted as well. For now, thank you for visiting this page, and we hope to serve you with all of your adventure needs very very soon. If you have any inquiries or questions regarding our services or the measures we are taking to keep you safe, please do not hesitate to use our contact form below and we will respond to your message as soon as we possibly can.


** We acknowledge the unceded indigenous territories of the coast salish people where our office and paddling playground lies. Please enjoy with your utmost respect. Thank you for having us on your land. **


Phone: 250-629-6939
Toll Free: 1-855-629-6939

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