Full Moon Rising

  • paddle into the sunset, kayak into the full moon
  • Full Moon Rising Kayak Tour, Kayak Pender Island
Date:Full Moons from May to September
Duration:3 hours
Full Moons from May to September

As you set to sea in your kayak with the sun exhausting it’s warm shine, capture that everlasting image of a full moon rising from ocean level with all the magical creatures of the Salish Sea, while sipping that perfect cup of thermal regulation. A sharp 90 degree veer will bring you to that special dark cove where you can explore the magical sparkly with every move you make.  Bioluminescense is at your fingertips. . . Explore the billions of single celled organisms that create a universe you will add to your memory bank!
*included is a special treat to keep your energy up and your palate engaged!
What to bring:  sunglasses, hat, clothes for cooler weather (no cotton please!), hot beverage (no alcohol please), camera, headlamp, happy spirits, snack.
2021 Dates:
Apr 26, May 26, June 24, July 23, August 22, Sept 20      
*we reserve the right to use singles or doubles based on our judgement of what is the safest and most enjoyable experience for all paddlers. 

Meeting Point:

Port Browning
4605 Oak Rd,
Pender Island


Please review the following waivers which need to be signed at checkin.



Changes or cancellations from 72 (3 days) - 24 hours: 50% admin fee.

Changes or cancellations within 24 hours: no refund


If it is 100% overcast, you may cancel without penalty, only with minimum 2 hours notice.

If ocean conditions do not allow for safe paddling, a full refund will be given. ie) strong winds, poor visibility, thunder/lightning.  We DO paddle in the rain and love it! Please dress weather accordingly.